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Sensors and systems for vibrationImage 


- Monitran, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of sensors and systems for vibration and displacement measurement.
Monitran products include general and special purpose accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current probes and LVDTs. They are used in a diverse range of applications, such as; automotive, aerospace, industrial processing, power stations and wind turbines. Also, as an OEM we can design and develop custom built sensors. Image
Various types of vibration monitoring & protection modules
- The MTN/VM220 is a compact, rechargeable, portable handheld Vibration meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing accurate vibration and temperature measurements.



Sensor technics



Sensortechnics develops and manufactures pressure sensors and sensing systems, liquid level sensors and switches as well as oxygen and flow sensors. The company has specialised in manufacturing highly customised sensors and in the development of complex integrated sensing and fluid control systems

Pressure Sensors
• measuring ranges from 1 mbar up to 1000 bar Image
• Analog (4-20 mA direct interface with PLC) and switching outputs or digital interfaces

Liquid Level Switches
• Hydrostatic ,Optical or ultrasonic sensors with no moving parts
• Highly accurate and repeatable
• Continuous level sensing of almost any fluid
• Current4-20 mA direct interface with PLC, voltage or digital output signals

Sensors for Mass & volumetric Flow Measurement
• Fast response times
• High sensitivity
• Bidirectional flow sensing capability

Oxygen Sensors
• High stability and accuracy from 0…100 % O2


B+B Sensors  



Your Temperature & humidity sensors
• high quality Temperature/Humidity probes and measuring systems.
• -200 oc to +1200 oc temperature measurement range sensors ,
Manufactured exclusively in Germany.
• Various types of industrial infrared & handheld thermometers
• 0 – 100 % relative humidity sensors with either 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.

• Temperature & process controller with PID auto tuning with
multi outputs & trip relays
• B+B Thermo Data Logger for continuous recording of the
measurement values


COMUS group (USA)



- The obvious center for the complete plant & machines protection
- Acceleration & velocity measurement sensors Image
- Submersible , ATEX certified & high temperature up to 300 oc sensors
- 0-100 mV/g AC output or analog 4-20 mA sensors directly compatible with PLC
- Suitable for all mechanical applications .
Various types of vibration monitoring & protection modules
- A protection module which operates with 4-20mA accelerometers giving a digital display and trip relays.
- Output – Pre-programmable, 2 trips
- Re-transmit 4-20mA or 0-10 Volts
- Start up protection




Our products monitor shaft speeds in production lines and control motor speeds in manufacturing and process lines.Image
- Shaft Speed Sensing
- Shaft Speed Switches

- Hazard Monitoring System.
- Tachometers & Rate meters.
- Speed Sensors Encoders & Control Potentiometers.


Ascon Tecnologic


Designs and produces innovative tools and solutions for machine control and factory automation. The wide family of products ranging, from temperature control to programmable controllers, responds to the needs of different applications, from refrigeration to process control. Image