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OPTIMIZERS Electromechanical Systems

OPTIMIZERS Electromechanical Systems Company;
Has the great honor to introduce ourselves & cooperate with our respectable customers in the fields of our scope:
1) We can provide our services in Designing & Implementation for Engineering Industries
In the following fields:-
*) Mechanical engineering systems

- Design & implementation of complicated Mechanical systems.
- Protection for Mechanical System against the overshooting of vibration & failure Of system.
- Prediction methods of system diagnosis analysis.
- Practical fail complete safe sentry

*) Automatic control engineering
- System optimization with the aids of control using the microprocessor based control systems
- Computerization of systems to increase the mobility & reliability
- Modification of conventional system to operate with the digital control system & embedded
- Supervisory control & data acquisition system to make trend analysis of mechanical
2) We also provide you with a lot of industrial products:-
As we are the sole agents in EGYPT for the following global manufacturers: -

• Monitran, (United Kingdom)
A world leader in the designing, development and manufacture of sensors and systems for
Vibration and displacement measurement

• Sensor Technics, (Germany)
The most reliable technology in complex sensing elements for process
control such as pressure , oxygen , level , force , flow , etc..,

• B+B Sensors (Germany)
All your needs for temperature &humidity measurements & control

• Electro Sensors, (USA)
The complete motion control sensors technology for measurements of rotary machinery
RPM, speed switch, position & others

• COMUS group, (USA)
Industrial switches, relays & proximity sensor

*Ascon Tecnologic (Italy)
Provides a complete range of products for Industrial automation,
Refrigeration, Acquisition and Data Recording Sensors and Transmitters,
Actuators, Emission analysis and combustion control, Accessories